Activity ideas for your holiday in Cape Town

Boschendal vineyard on the garden routeSimply being in Cape Town, is exciting enough for most people and usually the arrival in Cape Town itself, heralds the beginning of an awesome holiday. While enjoying a holiday in Cape Town is exciting, the novelty does eventually wear off. So in order to maintain a feeling of excitement and exhilaration, here are a few ideas of things you can do on your own, as a couple or even as a group or family that will ensure nobody is bored.

If there’s one thing that Cape Town has, its wine routes. Now depending on how long your stay in Cape Town is, and of course your love of wine, will depend on how many of the Cape wine routes you want to visit. An interesting fact is that the Cape Winelands (a region of the Western Cape) is in fact the largest wine producing region in South Africa. While the region might be divided into six different parts, there are far less in 19 different Cape wine routes for anyone wine connoisseur to enjoy. In fact, even a wine novice will find any of the Cape wine routes interesting, if not exquisitely beautiful to look at, and then of course there is the visiting of the vineyards themselves and seeing how and where most of the world’s wine comes from.

To make things just touch easier, the top five Cape wine routes are the Constantia Valley wine route, the Stellenbosch American Express wine route, the Helderberg wine route, the Franschhoek wine route and of course the Durbanville Valley wine route. The two most popular and most well-known wine routes are the Stellenbosch and Durbanville wine routes as these two allow visitors to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Western Cape. Book a South Africa Holiday and experience the wine route with Cape Tours.

Naturally visiting the Winelands is not the only thing you can do while on holiday in Cape Town. The list is endless and you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities that will keep everybody entertained and happy. If you are in for an extremely laid-back and relaxing holiday, then visiting some of Cape Town’s most amazing beaches to enjoy soaking up the sun while catching up on your reading, or simply hanging out with your friends. While you are at the beach, there are activities that you can do their too like renting and trying out paddle boards. Not only is it fun, but also great exercise. On the other hand, if you want to try something a little bit more exciting, why not try shark cage diving? Not only are you getting to enjoy the waters of Cape Town, but you also get to see one of the world’s most terrifying predators up close and personal. It is almost guaranteed that will be very hard to top that one off in the adrenaline department!

At the end of summer’s day is spent at the beach (or on your favourite wine route), you can always sit on the beachfront sipping cocktails while you watch the African sun sink below the horizon. There are several places you can go to enjoy a Cape Town sunset. Some of the most popular places are the Camps Bay’s Seaside Strip, Harveys restaurant, Maestro’s on the Beach, Moyo Blouberg (a very popular spot in Cape Town) and of course the Blue Peter Hotel in Blouberg, which is also extremely popular with the locals and tourists alike.

Then of course there are the many flea markets in and around Cape Town. There you will experience Cape Town culture at its best while being able to shop for handcrafted jewellery and other items for yourself, and of course as souvenirs to take back home. A strong word of advice though, is to remember your sunscreen and wear a hat to avoid sunburn. Also remember to bring along a bottle of fresh water.

Of course, whenever you are visiting Cape Town, you have to catch a cable car up Table Mountain at least once. It’s a great way to view Cape Town from a bird’s eye view, not to mention the amazing photographs you can take from the cable car on a clear day.

Another thing you have to do (as an adult anyway) is to enjoy Cape Town’s nightlife at least once. Try to find out whether or not there is a jazz festival planned during your stay in Cape Town. If there is, and you really want to treat yourself, then attending one of Cape Town’s awesome jazz festivals is a must.No holiday in Cape Town is complete without enjoying the night life or the jazz festival at least once! Cape Tours